Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Certain Ratio - To Each... (Rev-Ola Reissue) (1981 - 1994)

Artist: A Certain Ratio
To Each... (Rev-Ola Reissue)

Label: Rev-Ola
Year: 1981 - 1994

My Spirit by A Certain Ratio on Grooveshark


  1. Ta very much for this - a truly great band. Do you have Sextet, ideally the Soul Jazz reissue?

    1. I have the creation reissue, i can't find any info about the one that you mention but if you share some links with info i can see what can i do.

  2. This is the Sextet reissue on Soul Jazz, which is now out of print -
    I've heard that it's the best remastering, but I'd also appreciate your Creation issue if you find time to post that. I've got the original vinyl, but fancy a digital version.
    There's a brilliant fanzine all about the LP here:

    1. Hi, I've found the release that you are mentioning but without log or cue. I will upload asap, sorry for the late response.

  3. Many thanks for this post. I was listening to A Certain Ratio for close to a year before I found anyone else who had even heard of them! From day one my LP had a huge warp that garbled the first track on each side. This will be a real treat to hear it all correctly!!