Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stereolab - Cybele's Reverie (1996)

Artist: Stereolab
Album: Cybele's Reverie
Label: Duophonic
Year: 1996

Les Yper-Yper Sound by Stereolab on Grooveshark

The Field Mice - Skywriting + Singles (LTM Publishing Remaster) (1990 - 2005)

Artist: The Field Mice
Album: Skywriting + Singles (LTM Publishing Remaster)
Label: LTM Publishing (Les Temps Modernes)
Year: 1990 - 2005

I Thought Wrong by The Field Mice on Grooveshark

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blind Mr. Jones ‎- Over My Head: The Complete Recordings (2008)

Artist: Blind Mr. Jones
Album: Over My Head: The Complete Recordings
Label: Cherry Red
Year: 2008

Unforgettable Waltz by Blind Mr. Jones on Grooveshark Drop For Days by Blind Mr. Jones on Grooveshark

Weekend - La Varieté (Cherry Red Reissue) (1982 - 2006)

Artist: Weekend
Album: La Varieté (Cherry Red Reissue)
Label: Cherry Red
Year: 1982 - 2006

Leaves Of Spring by Weekend on Grooveshark

Friday, September 28, 2012

B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis - 8 Time (1988)

Artist: B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis
Album: 8 Time
Label: 4AD
Year: 1988

Like This For Ages by B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis on Grooveshark

Bark Psychosis - Hex (1994)

Artist: Bark Psychosis
Album: Hex
Label: Circa
Year: 1994

A Street Scene by Bark Psychosis on Grooveshark

Le Mans - Entresemana (1994)

Artist: Le Mans
Album: Entresemana
Label: Elefant Records
Year: 1994

La tarea by Le Mans on Grooveshark

This Kind Of Punishment - A Beard Of Bees (Ajax Reissue) (1984 - 1993)

New rip
Artist: This Kind Of Punishment
Album: A Beard Of Bees (Ajax Reissue)
Label: Ajax Records
Year: 1984 - 1993

From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt by This Kind of Punishment on Grooveshark

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So... fucked up, but guess what...

lol, now seriously, i don't like to deal with that kind of stuff, but also, i don't want bots collecting and reporting my links, so if this kind of situation happens again i will need an alternative, right now i suggest a system like the one that pyrolysebred uses (i visit his blog daily and i don't have any problem using that system to download stuff). By the way, for now i am still using lix, but i would love some feedback about all this.

Pale Saints - Throwing Back The Apple (1992)

Artist: Pale Saints
Album: Throwing Back The Apple
Label: 4AD
Year: 1992

Half-Life Remembered by Pale Saints on Grooveshark

Pale Saints - Flesh Balloon (1991)

Artist: Pale Saints
Album: Flesh Balloon
Label: 4AD
Year: 1991

Hair Shoes (demo) by Pale Saints on Grooveshark

Pale Saints - Barging Into The Presence Of God (1989)

Artist: Pale Saints
Album: Barging Into The Presence Of God
Label: 4AD
Year: 1989

Mother Might by Pale Saints on Grooveshark

Pell Mell - The Bumper Crop (1987)

Artist: Pell Mell
Album: The Bumper Crop
Label: SST Records
Year: 1987

Week Of Fire by Pell Mell on Grooveshark

Friday, September 21, 2012

Long Fin Killie - Houdini (1995)

Artist: Long Fin Killie
Album: Houdini
Label: Too Pure
Year: 1995

love smothers allergy by Long Fin Killie on Grooveshark

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spoonfed Hybrid - Hibernation Shock (1996)

Artist: Spoonfed Hybrid
Album: Hibernation Shock

Label: Farrágo Records
Year: 1996
The Violence Of Violins by Spoonfed Hybrid on Grooveshark

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hugo Largo ‎- Drum (1988)

Artist: Hugo Largo
Album: Drum

Label: Opal Records
Year: 1988
Eureka by Hugo Largo on Grooveshark

Blueboy - If Wishes Were Horses (Él Reissue) (1992 - 2010)

Artist: Blueboy
Album: If Wishes Were Horses (Él Reissue)

Label: Él/Cherry Red (Licensed from Sarah Records.)
Year: 1992 - 2010
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Chelsea Guitar by Blueboy on Grooveshark

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mellonta Tauta ‎- Sun Fell (1994)

Artist: Mellonta Tuta
Album: Sun Fell
Label: Hyperium Records
Year: 1994

Estrella by Mellonta Tauta on Grooveshark

Friday, September 14, 2012

Massacre - Killing Time (ReR Reissue) (1981 - 2005)

Artist: Massacre
Album: Killing Time (ReR Reissue)
Label: ReR Megacorp/Fred Records
Year: 1981 - 2005

Legs by Massacre on Grooveshark

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family - Un Soplo En El Corazón (1993)

Artist: Family
Album: Un Soplo En El Corazón
Label: Elefant Records
Year: 1993

Como Un Aviador by Family on Grooveshark