Monday, May 27, 2013

Close Lobsters - Headache Rhetoric (1988)

Artist: Close Lobsters
Album: Headache Rhetoric
Label: Enigma Records
Year: 1988
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Nature Thing by Close Lobsters on Grooveshark


  1. Mega


  2. More Jangle Pop please :-)

  3. Love this album greatly. 'Nature Thing' and the remake of 'Skyscrapers' are sublime. Thank you so much for posting it so that others can enjoy it too.

    Not sure if this is the proper place to make a request or not, but would there be any possibility of posting either 'The Janice Long Sessions' EP or any of the Close Lobsters singles in FLAC format? I believe that at least a few of their singles were either a different recording than the album versions, or contained extra, non album bonus tracks.

    Thank you again for posting 'Headache Rhetoric' (as well as previous posts 'Foxheads Stalk This Land' and the 'What Is There To Smile About' EP), and for keeping the memory of the Close Lobsters alive.

    1. Hi, i don't know if you have any extra info, but i can upload the singles collection "Forever, Until Victory!". About the eps separately i fear that i will not be able to help. Anyway, i will upload that soon, meanwhile i will be sharing some Railway Children stuff

    2. Yes, yes, yes! The Close Lobsters singles collection would be a MOST welcome addition! I have never actually seen a physical copy of that release and would love the chance to hear it.

      By the way, do you happen to know who the girls are who are pictured on the front cover? It seems to me that I remember reading that they are members of some band that I had never heard of before, but I cannot remember their name. Anyone?

  4. Hello, Rownderbowt. Thank you very much for this. I just found your blog and it looks terrific! I'm looking forward to checking it out. I'd like to add to the requests for the "Forever, Until Victory!" singles collection. Unfortunately, it is now out of print. Thanks again for all the great music you've been posting here.