Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Revolver - Baby's Angry (1992)

Artist: Revolver
Album: Baby's Angry
Label: Caroline Records
Year: 1992
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Drowning Inside by Revolver on Grooveshark

Thanks to Leakingwater for sharing this incredible material

Hello everyone, as you may noticed the posting ceased a bit, but it's because i was trying to find a new place to upload the files, netkups is nice, but they delete the files over 30 days without downloading. Anyway, i found and they say that they don't do that (i don't have a great connection, so please understand that it's a little bit heavy for me to have to reupload all the files). So...what i need to ask is if you can leave some feedback about this new site on the comments.
As always, feel free to suggest and thanks for following


  1. Replies
    1. Certainly, thanks for letting me know. What about now?

  2. Thanks for keeping sharing great music. I am your big fan. It really amaze me that someone who have such a huge collection of the music of my younger days. Shoegazers mainly, though. (Suppose your followers should be in between the current age of 40 to 55. Me myself,well, 49.)
    By the way, I am aware of the download speed of filecloud is sooo slow and it is really frustrating. I do miss netkups.

  3. Hi, glad to hear news from you ! Filecloud is easy to use, but terribly slow, except for requiring a download ticket, which is fast compared to turbobit or other similar sh...sites. To my opinion, the best storage place remains rapidshare, with large bandwith, no captcha, no waiting time. It's up to you to give an eye and test it just for a couple of discs. Cheers

  4. Try Gamefront. In a nutshell it just functions like the old MF/MU.

  5. Seems pretty fast and slick. Thanks for all the amazing music.

  6. thanks for this one man, does seem to be working pretty well...

    please keep posting more, I love this blog!

  7. recommend (a.k.a Megaupload2)

  8. so what, did you find a place? Your rare and precious posts are long awaited, please satisfy your people ;-)

  9. I'm only reading your post now (I was in the process of moving, that's probably why I missed it).

    I've also changed cyberlocker for the exact same reason as you (I even suspect Netkups was deleting large files 30 days after uploading, not 30 days after the last download).

    Anyway, I've signed up with depositfiles. The user interface is pretty neat, the upload speed is fast (faster than Netkups), and the download speed seems to be around 100 kbps. And they keep files 90 days after the last download, you can even check the deletion date for each file.

    I may try, I'm getting a good download speed (doesn't seem to be the case for everyone though).

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  11. We need a fix. Startin' to get the dt's.

  12. more than one month without a post, I feel like going disappointed...

  13. This link seems to be broken again.
    I want too

  14. Mega