Saturday, January 19, 2013

Minimal Man - The Shroud Of (Boutique Remaster) (1981 - 2004)

Artist: Minimal Man
Album: The Shroud Of (Boutique Remaster)
Label: Boutique
Year: 1981 - 2004

Blue Step by Minimal Man on Grooveshark


  1. Wow, a big thanks for this. Very hard to find in lossless. Anyone who liked your earlier Tuxedomoon post may find this of interest as the two bands were associated for a time. Good stuff.

  2. Thank you for posting. My wife and I stumbled upon Patrick Miller's (Minimal Man) home after his death, and his brother was having a massive yard sale of all his possessions. I learned about Minimal Man that day, about Tuxedo Moon, and purchased many records from his collection. In Patrick's stash were 10 unopened, original pressings of Birthday Party's "Prayers on Fire" lp!

  3. Thank you for this. Haven't heard it in years.

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