Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ultracherry Violet - I Fall To Pieces (1994)

Artist: Ultracherry Violet
Album: I Fall To Pieces
Label: Bedazzled
Year: 1994

Remember by Ultracherry Violet on Grooveshark


  1. amazing, i've long wanted to hear this

  2. Nice blog. one of the last left standing!

    Cheers from NYC.

    I just lost. (get ready) exactly 50,000 records and CDs. all mint..all rare indie..out of print... possibly the best collection of melodic / obscure music in America. Hurricane Sandy., The basement of Manhattan Mini Storage. all under super-toxic, Hudson River, shit water for 12 days! that's how long they allowed it to stay submerged. Before letting us in there to attempt to salvage anything. nothing was salvageable.

    5 walk-in rooms. full...of 30 years of collecting the best and rarest stuff.

    sure..I had every album you have on this blog. and this is why... I am thrilled... some of you folks are still out there, utilizing whatever is left of the cyberlockers "available".

    just trying to reclaim a fraction.. a paucity of what I lost.

    peace! and thanks.

    1. Sad to hear that, you must had an amazing collection. Btw, i think i saw you post this same message at HiResMusic, are you the same guy?

  3. no. Hi-res? never been there. is it a good blog?

    must have been another poor sod.

  4. broken link... =(

  5. Unfortunately the file has been deleted due to inactivity. Any chance of a re-up?

  6. seriously, this needs to be on the interwebs

  7. discogs seems to be the only source to get this album from :(

  8. pretty pretty please with a cherry on top may we get the chance for a re up pweeeeease?