Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses (4AD Reissue) (1980 - 2003)

Artist: Rema-Rema
Album: Wheel In The Roses (4AD Reissue)
Label: 4AD
Year: 1980 - 2003

Rema-Rema by Rema-Rema on Grooveshark


  1. thankyou thankyou thankyou

    i'm still amazed by the existence of a blog named after both my favorite song by my favorite band and my second favorite record by my second favorite band, but it's a monkeys-typing-shakespeare kinda world i guess

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  3. Apparently the file has now been removed 'due to inactivity', how disappointing :( Any chance of a re-up? By the way keep up the sterling work!