Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Names - Swimming + Singles (LTM Publishing Remaster) (1991 - 2000)

Artist: The Names
Album: Swimming + Singles (LTM Publishing Remaster)
Label: LTM Publishing (Les Temps Modernes)
Year:1991 - 2000

Life By The Sea by The Names on Grooveshark


  1. Thanks so much! Now I can replace my 192k mp3 copy

    1. I've had a hard time trying to find this one, there's this same rip on a ton of public tracker, but it's not completely seeded. Finally, i found it on what.cd and definetly decided to share it here, it's a great record.

  2. Yes, this one is good. It doesn't deserve to remain an obscure recording. Thanks for enabling me to hear it. Nice work.

  3. Hi, many thanks! Finally I found the lossless version. If I can ask, do you happen to have the other Names LTM reissue "Spectators of Life"? Many thanks in advance for any help.
    Marco from Rome

  4. Any chance of a re-upload? Thanks